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Manual Conversion Marketplace

4 Speed Conversions has parts & information to help our customers convert their
General Motors car or truck from an automatic transmission to manual shift.

New For 2017
I will be adding a category under each model line that has manual conversion kits.
Generally these kits will be broken into pedals, linkage, bellhousings etc. This is to try to
lessen the confusion customers have with the parts options in the general categories. This
process will take time, so please be patient. There will still be options such as big block vs.
small block linkage and 168 tooth vs. 153 tooth flywheels and console vs. non-console.
Quantities of individual parts will be limited during this process as I can't afford to stock
3 of every part. When this process is completed (hopefully Spring 2017) I will replenish
the individual parts.

Using This Site
My goal with this site is to answer questions and educate customers,
regarding restoration, conversion to and maintenance of standard shift vehicles.
Car and truck models are broken down into similar groups. In these groups there are
further break downs as to makes and models. These categories will be broken down farther
yet as the information becomes cumbersome. Each model is divided into groupings such
as Clutch Release Linkage, Pedal Assemblies, Bellhousing etc.
Also I have created pages with the individual parts that are grouped like GM parts books.
Parts that I have for sale will be listed in the products category at the bottom of each information page.

Information Available
This site provides pictures, descriptions and applications for OEM General Motors vehicles.
Whenever possible I use new old stock parts with part numbers on them or their packaging.
Short of this I use good used and then reproductions to describe parts.

The applications for the various parts come form GM parts books, and assembly manuals (when possible)
that I have acquired. Beware there could be typos as this is rather tedious. I will try to identify the sources
of the applications to allow the reader to decide if a part is OEM or OEM replacement.

What I Can Not Provide
I can not provide information on modifying or use of parts in non-OEM applications. This includes
headers, race cars and non-original engines and drive trains. There are conclusions that can be drawn
from the information provided, this just isn't the purpose of this site.

I try to make available the best in reproduction parts available. I do not, and will
not sell inferior parts, just to compete with pricing on other sites.
As mentioned above I can not afford to stock multiples of many parts at this time
and I buy from wholesalers in bulk to limit shipping cost.
(Used and NOS)
 Used and New Old Stock parts are available in
limited quantities. I get these from junk yards (rare anymore), swap meets and private sellers.
And I price them based on condition and availability.

< < < To the left you will find groups of models I have researched, and below that, I have more in depth looks at
individual part numbers I have researched, grouped as they are in General Motors parts catalogs. Parts for
sale are listed under there related groupings. There are no quantity or package discounts