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68-72 Buick GS Z Bar (R)

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Reproduction of GM Part # 1385404 Equalizer Shaft
Copy of the very hard to find original for 1968-72 Buick Skylarks with 400 or 455 cubic inch engines. This part looks close but has problems. 
Problem #1
The clutch pedal push rod hole (upper lever). The hole is made for an upper rod with a 3/8" pin. The original rod has a 3/8" pin, but uses a rubber and steel bushing. 
Problem #2
The lever is too narrow to drill it out for the original bushing, 
Solution #1
If you don't mind having metal on metal contact (about 95% of GM vehicles came that way from the factory) you can use an original rod and shorten the pin or use my part # 353 rod, which is close to the original in length with short 3/8" pins.
Solution #2
Enlarge the 3/8" hole to ?? and press in a smaller than original bushing. 

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