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Shifter Rod Swivel Nut

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Reproduction of GM Part #3841497 Jamb Nut
This hard to find part is a faithful copy of a N.O.S. nut I have. Two of these are used to lock down the GM factory shifter rod swivels.
You are buying one of these to replace that one that is missing, or buy 6 to replace the fat nuts on some reproduced rod sets.
This nut is 7/16-20 x 1/4" thick  and black.

3840137 Use 3841497
1498443 Use 3841497
3841497 Use 3840137

3840137 7/16-20 x 1/4" thick Cad. or Zinc
1498443 7/16-20 x 3/16" thick Zinc

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