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(R) 3899621 Bellhousing (11")

Your Price: $221.00
Reproduction Chevy 621 Bellhousing
Part Number: 163
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NEW Heavy Duty Reproduction of the Casting #3899621 Chevy Bellhousing
Like the original it will fit the large 168 tooth flywheel and cover an 11" clutch and pressure plate.
Also like the original it has a 6 1/4" depth and 4 5/8" center hole.
If you have a show car the judges may be able to tell this isn't OEM (if they look hard enough).

These housings are Made in the U.S.A., are stronger and of better quality than OEM parts. OEM bellhousings often has casting flaws in the threads. These don't. There are also some aftermarket housings that are thinner, and others that the inspection plate holes are off center.

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