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(OEM) 1970-81 F Body Hurst Shifter and Handle

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Part Number: 817
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Original Restorable 73-81Camaro/ 70-81 Firebird Hurst Shifter
This has GM part #405728 Shifter body. It moves freely, is missing the stainless steel bottom cover (My Part #340) and one lower lever bushing.
The factory handle is GM Part #479048 which is correct for 1970-81 Firebirds with console and 71-81 without console. Correct for 1973-81 Camaros with console, when a hurst shifter was used. The handle has some nicks and and was bent (to fit in a 70-72 Camaro console?), it can be cleaned and used for a driver, or rechromed.
Pictures are from the actual part, this is a limited stock item.

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