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(R) 56-57 Corvette Clutch and Brake Pedal Set

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Reproduction of the 1956-1957 Corvette Pedal Assembly
The bottom of the pedals are painted black, with the upper portion being natural. The clutch rod attachment is welded on, as is the pivot shaft. Paint may be chipped (comes from supplier this way) and need touched up.
This assembly includes:
1- 3722716 Clutch Pedal Assembly (R)
1- 3722709 Brake Pedal Assembly (R)
2- 3657980 Pedal Pad Covers (R)
2- 3709580 Brake Pedal Bushings (R)
1- 103345 Washer (Pedal Retainer) (R)
1- 103385 Cotter Pin (Pedal Retainer) (R)
2- 3798256 Clutch Pedal Bushings (R)

This is everything needed to replace a worn out 1958 Corvette pedal assembly.
To convert from an automatic to manual transmission pedal assembly, you will also need our part #219 pedal stop kit.
You will reuse the pedal bracket (hanger), sleeve, brake return spring components, and brake light switch components.

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