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(OEM) 60-66 Chevy Truck Pedal Assembly

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1960-66 Chevrolet/GMC Pedal Set
Nice reconditioned pedal assembly for mechanical linkage. This is correct for 1963-66 model years, but can be used on 60-62 model years with mechanical linkage. This is all the parts needed to convert your automatic pedal set to manual.
This set has been disassembled, bead blasted and painted (no warranty on paint).
New parts include, brake pedal bushings, clutch pedal bushings, NOS clutch pedal return spring, new pedal stop bumper, a reconditioned 3/8" (correct size) clutch pedal push rod hole, a NOS pedal spacer (Large Washer) and clutch rod arm bolt kit.

This is a limited stock item. Pictures are from actual parts.

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