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73-77 A Body Pedal Kit (R)

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Reproduction 1973-77 General Motors "A " Body Pedal Kit
This pedal kit can be used to replace your Buick (Century, Regal, GS) Chevrolet
(Chevelle, Malibu, SS, Laguna S-3, El Camino), Oldsmobile (Cutlass, Hurst/Olds),
Pontiac (Lemans, Grand prix and 73 GTO), Buick (Century, Regal, GS) automatic brake pedal to a manual shift set up.
GM Used the same part number for the automatic and manual pedal hanger bracket, so
there is no need to change your automatic pedal hanger bracket.

Kit includes:
1- Clutch Pedal
1- Drum Brake Pedal
4- Pedal Bushings
2- Pedal Spacers
1- Pedal Bolt Washer
1- Pedal Bolt
1- Pedal Bolt Nut
1- Pedal Bumper (5/8")
1- Pedal Bumper Bracket (not original style but will work perfectly) 
1- Pedal Bumper Bracket Bolt
1- Pedal Bumper Bracket Lock Washer
1- Pedal Bumper Bracket Nut

This kit will preform like originals, beware of cheap copies.

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