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68-72 A Body Clutch Rod Boot Retainer (R)

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68-72 Chevelle, Lemans,Cutlass, Skylark Boot Retainer
Part Number: 264
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Reproduction of the Upper Clutch Rod Boot Retainer
Correct for 68-72 A bodies (Chevelle,Lemans,Cutlass,Skylark). This is not the flat incorrect part available at other stores. This part is stamped with the correct raised lip, around the center hole and is plated for corrosion resistance (We believe this part should be painted black to be 100% correct).
NOTE: Although this part is found on all original standard shift 68-72 GM A bodies, the parts catalogs have no listing for this part, and assembly manuals don't show this part, I have determined that it is part of #399904 assembly. We sell this part separately so that the boot can be replaced on original manual shift cars.

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